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What are Essential Oils?

The practices of using essential oils have been around for centuries. You most likely have heard about them before, but what exactly are they?

At the very soul of it, essential oils can provide physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. The oils are extracted, often by water or steam, from flowers, bark, stems, roots, leaves, as well as, other parts of a plant. The term essential oil refers to harvesting the purest essence of the plant and is extremely concentrated, so using only a small amount can be very beneficial.

Essential oils can offer many prosperous health and healing uses without the nasty side effects of medication. It can encompass a staggering number of components that each exemplify therapeutic properties and cover many different ailments. The mind and body wellness of essential oils can be achieved through topical applications to the skin and/or aromatherapy.

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends / Recipes

What are Carrier Oils?

A carrier oil, in short, is just that, a base oil that carries essential oils through the skin. Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils prior to topical use. Essential oils applied to the skin undiluted, or neat, can cause skin irritation.

Most carrier oils are pressed from the fatty part of plants usually the nuts or seeds. Each carrier oil, like essential oils, offers a different combination of beneficial properties and characteristics. The choice of carrier oil can depend on the therapeutic benefit that you are seeking. Your choice of carrier oil can make a difference in color, aroma and shelf life of your essential oils as well. Carrier oils do not usually contain a concentrated aroma like essential oils.


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