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So good!

I work in a small office and so many people walk by and are drawn in by this blend's aroma coming from my diffuser. I love this at all times of my work day. It's so fresh and everyone loves it!


I love the Earthroma Focus Blend. It really helps me in the afternoons to get back in the game and re-engage. Highly recommended and I've had multiple co-workers stop by and compliment the aroma from my diffuser!

My favorite essential oil products

Five stars


I like to diffuse Rosemary to help keep me healthy. All the oils are of great quality and quick turn around to process our orders. Thank you so much.


I love the lavender oil. It has a lovely scent. I use it to build up my immunity along with peppermint and orange. This is a great company and when I have problems customer satisfaction is their top priority. I love the free little gifts they have put in with my orders.

My fav oil

Lavender is my all time favorite and this one does not disappoint! I like the endless ways you can use it.

Set of oils

I love the set of oils I purchased. Has everything to get started. Each one smells so good. I like trying different combinations depending on time of day etc. My husband who doesn’t like strong candles, loves these. My favorite of course is lavender! Will definitely purchase again.

Very Satisfied Customer

My orders are always on time and correct. Great product quality and choices.

Pain is gone!

I haven't yet used this myself (I don't want it to affect my milk supply, as I'm nursing). But, my boyfriend has constant severe back pain due to work in a cabintry plant (just so you can get the picture), and each time I put this oil on him he's no longer in pain. He is yet to really admit that it's the reason, although it "could be (lol... men)." My mom, on the other hand, came to visit me. She's been living with liver failure (along with many other things). She's in constant pain herself. I had her try this oil when she was here -- her skin was sensitive and we put it on directly, so she felt a mild burn (which can happen with essential oils). I say this, because she knew exactly where the oil would be DIRECTLY concentrated (not to mention the areas around). She went home that night and asked me where she could buy some and that she would buy some from me (so, I just had some mailed to her -- it's my mom). I swear by essential oils, she does, too... AND, I USED TO THINK THIS STUFF WAS HOCUS POCUS....

Anyways, about the mixture that you might NOT know unless doing your homework...

Many of these are both anti-fungal and anti-inflamatory -- necessary when dealing with back problems, especially. You have many toxins in your back. And, when your back is swollen, sometimes you can't even crack it. Peppermint is great with nerves. Since using peppermint, I haven't had problems with my Trigeminal Neuralgia (AKA the Suicide Disease AKA the WORST PAIN anyone can ever face, according to neurologists). It's amazing for nerves. And Helichrysum -- Remember when I told you about my mom? My first thought was to have her try it NOT BECAUSE OF PAIN, but because of her liver. Helichrysum is supposed to be like liquid gold for the liver and years of liver damage -- healing even the worst of conditions. It's also a very expensive oil. So, the price of this amazing mixture is actually affordable.

As always, I LOVE YOU, Earthroma!

Satisfied Customer!

My orders are always delivered swiftly. I love this company. I appreciate the free samples. not because they are free, but because this gives me a reason to try other products. And I love the way the orders are packaged.

Coooooool !!!

I'm enjoying my peppermint oil. It smells great and it really helps when you're stuffy!

If it wasn't for this, I would be on expensive medications that don't work. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Myrtle essential oil

I am so pleased by the quality of your oils. The myrtle smell is strong and perfect for my uses. Good pricing and fast shipping.

Love your oils!! Always like Christmas when I receive them!!


Great time of year for this fragrance. Subtly spicy! I'm enjoying it!

Nostalgia in a Bottle

Grew up in the Midwest; Red Cedar (juniperus virginiana) everywhere. It's a beautiful soft wood and, freshly cut, smells absolutely luxurious. Warm, earthy, and sweet. I no longer live in the Midwest and I've been chasing this familiar scent for a while. Earthroma's version is the closest I've found to capturing it AND they sell it in efficient 30ml bottles. Perfect.

Cleaning heaven

I use this every where! Cleaning, diffusing, it is the perfect oil for disinfecting!


Wow is all I can say here. Cleansing to the air when diffused and when inhaled it really opens up my nasal passages!

So fresh

This oil smells good and it is so healing to my senses!

Great smell but goes too fast

I like mixing the cinnamon bark and clove in my electric burners. They really do make the house smell nice but just aren’t affordable. As a sufferer of arthritis I would like to know where to find the type that can be taken orally. I eat cinnamon every morning in my oatmeal but it doesn’t seem to help. Anyway, this IS much better than some I purchased on e-Bay several months ago.

Relieving and Soothing

I added 15 drops of Copaiba Balsam to some petroleum jelly. I then applied it to my ankles, toes, right shoulder, and underneath my neck. It helped relieve my coughing and I could take really deep breaths.

Love this oil!

I really like the Shield oil! I've used it to freshen and kill germs in my house. I add it to some water and wipe the surfaces. It smells clean and warm.

Smells great!

I like to use this oil on my face mixed with some coconut oil at night! It smells lovely, like a floral scent. I feel like it is helping my complexion. Would definatley order again.

By far my favorite oil from Earthroma. The smell is not too strong and is a perfect add on for my clients!

I love your oils

I love your oils and free shipping.

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