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Still not sure? That's okay! Read reviews from past and present customers.  Our 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Carrier Oils are the BEST on the market.  We look forward to you being the next happy customer!
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Satisfied Customer!

My orders are always delivered swiftly. I love this company. I appreciate the free samples. not because they are free, but because this gives me a reason to try other products. And I love the way the orders are packaged.

Coooooool !!!

I'm enjoying my peppermint oil. It smells great and it really helps when you're stuffy!

If it wasn't for this, I would be on expensive medications that don't work. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Myrtle essential oil

I am so pleased by the quality of your oils. The myrtle smell is strong and perfect for my uses. Good pricing and fast shipping.

Love your oils!! Always like Christmas when I receive them!!


Great time of year for this fragrance. Subtly spicy! I'm enjoying it!

Nostalgia in a Bottle

Grew up in the Midwest; Red Cedar (juniperus virginiana) everywhere. It's a beautiful soft wood and, freshly cut, smells absolutely luxurious. Warm, earthy, and sweet. I no longer live in the Midwest and I've been chasing this familiar scent for a while. Earthroma's version is the closest I've found to capturing it AND they sell it in efficient 30ml bottles. Perfect.

Cleaning heaven

I use this every where! Cleaning, diffusing, it is the perfect oil for disinfecting!


Wow is all I can say here. Cleansing to the air when diffused and when inhaled it really opens up my nasal passages!

So fresh

This oil smells good and it is so healing to my senses!

Great smell but goes too fast

I like mixing the cinnamon bark and clove in my electric burners. They really do make the house smell nice but just aren’t affordable. As a sufferer of arthritis I would like to know where to find the type that can be taken orally. I eat cinnamon every morning in my oatmeal but it doesn’t seem to help. Anyway, this IS much better than some I purchased on e-Bay several months ago.

Relieving and Soothing

I added 15 drops of Copaiba Balsam to some petroleum jelly. I then applied it to my ankles, toes, right shoulder, and underneath my neck. It helped relieve my coughing and I could take really deep breaths.

Love this oil!

I really like the Shield oil! I've used it to freshen and kill germs in my house. I add it to some water and wipe the surfaces. It smells clean and warm.

Smells great!

I like to use this oil on my face mixed with some coconut oil at night! It smells lovely, like a floral scent. I feel like it is helping my complexion. Would definatley order again.

By far my favorite oil from Earthroma. The smell is not too strong and is a perfect add on for my clients!

I love your oils

I love your oils and free shipping.

love it

I use it on achy muscles and in diffuser

Happy customer

I had received a sample of some food grade peppermint oil several months back and have been looking for a reasonably priced replacement. Finding food grade good quality and reasonably priced essential oils is quite a challenge. Luckily I stumbled onto this website and was very pleasantly surprised when I received my immune defense, peppermint, and cinnamon oil. I use the immune defense in my small diffuser at work and it creates very pleasant scent in my office. I love that this website offers free shipping over $25. Many places make you spend a lot more. I'm definitely a happy customer will be a returning customer.

I love peppermint for my headaches and any aches or pain that i may have. Not only does it smell good but I think it helps.

Great quality product

I do not buy oils anywhere else anymore great prices for quality food grade oils.
love love love your products.

Great as always

I loved the smell of lemon in the diffuser or just a simple drop in a bottle of water.

Myrrh essential oil

Great product!


I love this oil..Use it as a carrier oil

Lovely scent

Love this French lavender! It has a wonderful scent for diffusing and for use in soaps, skin care, etc.

Excellent product!

Gorgeous scent and very fast delivery!

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