6 Helpful Ways to Use Lavender Essential Oil Around the House

6 Helpful Ways to Use Lavender Essential Oil Around the House



6 Helpful Ways to Use Lavender Essential Oil Around the House

Most people associate the fragrant aroma of lavender with the serene setting of a high-end day spa. This lightly floral scent sets the stage for the ultimate relaxation and calming experience. You can likely conjure up the idea of the aroma without much mental effort, which is why this particular essential oil happens to be one of the most popular. Lavender essential oil is often a favorite among avid oil users because of its many powerful properties and uses.

If you have an unopened bottle of lavender essential oil lying around, you’ll want to take a look at some of these key uses. You’re certain to find at least a few of these suggestions that will work for you on a daily basis.


 1. Diffuse it for a relaxing atmosphere and good night’s sleep.

Everyone knows that the scent of lavender is extremely soothing and relaxing, so why not put it to good use with aromatherapy? Add a few drops of lavender oil into a diffuser and let it simmer on your bedside table. The heavenly scent will make you feel more relaxed and promote a better night’s sleep so you can wake up feeling alert and refreshed.

Some people feel that a diffuser doesn’t give them a strong enough scent. If you are particularly sensitive to smells and need a stronger version, you can place a few drops in your hand and then rub them on your pillow. You’ll get the same effect but significantly stronger.


2. Add it to your first aid kit for minor bumps and burns.

Did you know that lavender essential oil can also help with some of the most basic first aid routines? One of the little-known advantages to this basic essential oil is its antibacterial properties. Natural health aficionados often sport a bottle of lavender oil in their first aid kit to help with minor cuts and burns.

You can use a drop or two to help clean up a wound and prevent future infections. It should be noted that you never want to pour any essential oil into an extremely large or gaping wound that requires medical attention. This first aid tip only applies to minor cuts.

Lavender essential oil is also well-known for reducing swelling associated with a number of common ailments. Bug bites and minor burns can be reduced in severity with a few drops of this potent oil. The overall redness and discoloration of the skin will be minimized, as well as the swelling.


 3. Mix up some lotion for dry and irritated skin.

Lavender is a popular fragrance added to many of the most relaxing balms for a spa environment, but you can make similar products from the comfort of your own home. Mix a few drops of lavender oil into a tablespoon of a nourishing carrier oil like jojoba for a beautiful blend that can soothe dry or irritated skin.

During the winter months, this lotion can help to restore dry skin that’s been chapped by harsh winter winds and cold weather. It can also serve as a great home remedy to alleviate many of the symptoms associated with dry skin conditions such as eczema. The soothing properties can make your skin feel less painful and reduce the overall redness that draws attention to your discomfort.


4. Soothe your sunburn.

You can probably recall the stinging pain of your last sunburn with complete clarity. Your joints ached each time you moved and a steaming shower created unbearable pain. Next time you spend a little too much time in the sun, lavender oil can help to alleviate some of that irritation. In a small area, you can apply this oil directly to the skin without the aid of a carrier oil.

With a larger swath of sunburn, it may require too much oil to apply directly to the skin. Instead, you can fill a tub with chilled water and add ten to fifteen drops. Mix it together well and allow a washcloth to absorb the solution. You can allow these homemade compresses to lay on your skin and take some of the heat out of a major sunburn.


5. Clear up your congestion.

Are you having a hard time shaking the common cold? Many of the natural properties inherent to lavender essential oil make it a great solution for clearing up cold symptoms. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties will help to kill infections while simultaneously clearing out your sinuses. You may place a drop or two on the end of a cotton swab and rub it in your nasal passages.

Alternatively, you may feel more comfortable with a chest rub of lavender oil applied neatly to the skin. Rub a few drops directly onto your chest and on the bottom of your feet before putting on cotton socks. As an added bonus, this expectorant-like effect will make you more comfortable and the scent will help you drift off to sleep. This is an excellent natural remedy for a nighttime cold instead of taking over-the-counter medications that can leave you feeling drowsy.


6. Freshen up a load of laundry.

Is your skin too sensitive for commercial laundry detergents and fragrance boosters? You may want to try freshening up a load of clothing with lavender essential oil instead. During the rinse cycle, you can add two to four drops of lavender oil to infuse your clothes with this relaxing aroma. Not only will it smell great, but it helps to kill the bacteria and microbes that may be living on your fabrics.

Instead of a fabric softener in the dryer, you could also add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a clean washcloth. This would add an extra boost of fragrance to ensure that your clothes and towels smell great for days and weeks, even while they remain in your closet.

Lavender essential oil has an almost endless list of potential uses around the house and in your medicine cabinet. There’s a reason that so many avid essential oil users keep a bottle of lavender handy at all times. You’ll have lots of possibilities to explore, but we’re sure that this oil is bound to become one of your most frequently used go-to essential oils!



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