8 Must Have Essential Oils for Stress Relief

8 Must Have Essential Oils for Stress Relief


8 Must Have Essential Oils for Stress Relief

Modern life has become increasingly stressful no matter what stage of life you may be in. Technology has people constantly connected in some way and many people struggle to unplug. Constant communication, work responsibilities, social pressure, family life, and even personal goals and hobbies can create a great deal of stress, even if they also bring joy to your life.

Unfortunately, stress can make things difficult to cope with or work through and can even have adverse effects on our physical and mental health as well as putting strain on relationships. Fortunately, there are many natural ways to help relieve the many stresses life brings without the need to use medications that have a long list of side effects.

People who want to reduce stress or live a healthier life style should always consider eating a healthier diet and work on getting enough exercise. A leisurely walk for a few minutes once a day is enough to get started. These changes do not need to be drastic to offer some benefit. Another excellent way to help reduce stress is the use of essential oils.

Since essential oils for stress can be overwhelming for beginners, we have put together a list of the best stress relief essential oils to use.

 1. Lavender

Most people are aware that lavender is considered a calming scent. The essential oil form of lavender is a concentrated version of a very calming scent and is an excellent foundation for your stress relief essential oils collection. Lavender promotes a calm state of being and is especially helpful when it comes time to relax for bed. It has proven to help reduce anxiety and can even help with some forms of depression, specifically postpartum depression.

 2. Bergamot

Bergamot essential oil is an often-overlooked scent when it comes to stress relief because of its bright, citrus scent. It is used in many fragrances and people typically do not realize what this scent is. Bergamot is a great oil to mix with others to create signature scents as well as individualized results when using essential oils to reduce stress or aid mood in any way. Studies are revealing that bergamot helps increase naturally occurring substances such as serotonin and dopamine, which promote a feeling of well being.

 3. Sage

Sage essential oil is derived from the leaves of the sage plant. It has many medical properties such as anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal features. Sage essential oil is also good for stress. Sage can help promote a more alert state of mind and help lift moods of depression and anxiety. It is especially helpful before stressful events such as test taking, making it a great oil for students to use while studying and preparing for exams.

 4. Ylang-Ylang

The scent of Ylang-Ylang is said to be sedating, making it excellent for anxiety relief and a stress relief aid. It is relatively young in the world of essential oils but offers many strong properties for medical and psychological benefits.

 5. Lemon

Lemon is an uplifting scent that is used in everything from soap to air fresheners. The bright citrus scent instantly lifts moods and makes people feel happier. Lemon essential oil offers the same benefits as well. Lemon is a very versatile oil and should be in any well rounded essential oil collection. It should not be overlooked when it comes to stress relief. It can also help with depression and anger.  Although it can be energizing, it is also uplifting and most people find it makes their mood improve without causing excess excitement and may even help with anxiety. In fact, exposure to lemon has been shown to reduce levels of certain stress hormones.

 6. Chamomile

It is commonly known that chamomile tea has calming effects and the same is true for chamomile essential oil. There are different varieties of chamomile and each variety has different strong points when it comes to its benefits. However, all forms of this essential oil are beneficial for mood and can aid in stress relief and anxiety. Chamomile helps life mood and is often considered to be energizing. It is a great oil to use after something is disappointing or you have experienced a bad day.

 7. Marjoram

This is an oil that most people new to essential oil use are not aware of, but certainly should be! It is particularly useful for people who have experienced acute stress or trauma. Not only can it be used to help treat wounds, but it also relieves stress and anxiety that may be experienced as part of a traumatic event that occurs. It has a very calming, even sedating effect and has shown promise in helping people with PTSD or other types of anxiety disorders.

 8. Frankincense

Frankincense is a very earthy, yet also very uplifting essential oil. It is an excellent oil to use as part of a custom blend for anxiety, stress, or general mood lifting. It also has many health properties such as being antibacterial and has anti-aging benefits when used in cosmetics and skincare and can be part of many do it yourself recipes for such things when quality oils are purchased.


Using and Blending Essential Oils


Essential oils can be used individually or blended to create unique scents and offer different combinations of aromatherapy benefits. Many people use them in diffusers or like to wear them on diffusing necklaces to keep them close at hand. When in a stressful situation, the individual can simply smell the pendant of the necklace to enjoy the benefits of the oil or blend of oils used on it. The scents can be reapplied as needed and different pendants can be changed out for different situations.

If you are new to essential oils, try using the oils individually at first to see how you respond to each one. Once you start learning what you like and don’t like, you can begin creating your very own custom blends. Perhaps you want an oil or blend that is uplifting and energizing to use in the mornings and during the day and another one that is soothing and more sedating for the evening to destress, relax and get a restful sleep.

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